An Easy Read Fact File about Nurses: Site Uniforms

Do you know what does the word ‘nurse’ mean? It means to nourish to feed. This term ‘nurse’ is derived from Latin word nutrice (a lady hired to breastfeed newborn babies). In earlier centuries, nurses were considered those ladies who used to babysit, a caretaker in the absence of the mother.

Later on, their occupation of caretaking and surrogating a role of a mother turned to helping and working for the well-being of others. Nurses were often called to hospitals, to breastfeed babies whose mothers were not able to. Slowly and gradually their nursing work linked with helping other patients too and today we see nurses in light colored coats serving to mankind in all parts of the world.

Nurses really do a tough job; they wear the most peaceful colors like white blue light pink or light green for quick recovery of their patients. We at Site uniforms understand a number of efforts they put in whole day long for others welfare, and so sell work wear clothing of all kinds from nurse coats to lab coats, stain proof, and easy to clean. Site uniforms are one stop shop for quality work wear clothing, accessories, Bags, Chef Apparel, Coveralls & Overalls and stylish Women’s Work Wear Uniform Online. We help you look good and your staff feels good when you work in clean and good quality coats.  We keep an expert eye inspecting each and every product precisely before packaging it and deliver at considerably lower prices.


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