How to Store your Winter Jackets, Coats, and Woolens for Next Season Use?

When we talk about storing winter clothes, jackets and coats, we normally require undergoing extra care.  Because coats don’t take regular time wash they desire going through below mentioned steps before next season storage.

Look for fabric difference:

Some fabrics require simple care while others can’t do easily without much care. Always segregate coats and jackets from different fabrics kinds. Place heavier coats made of natural materials, like leather, suede, and wool, away from gentle cashmere, fur, faux fur, shearling, and tweed.

Clean them first:

Before you store your coats, sweaters, winter jackets, and work wear clothing, first clean them. Because your winter wears go through a lot of exposure to different environments, dirt, germs, stains and liquid spills, washing them or dry cleaning or giving a professional wash help drawing their actual fabric appeal. Once they are properly aired and perfumes nice are ready to go in the closet.

Freeze wool, cashmere, and leather:

If you’ve not known this interesting fact about your winter wears before, discover right away. Know how, wool, cashmere, and leather can go bug-free inside a refrigerator freeze. Let them spend a night there to evade germs, odor and all sorts or tacky bugs.

Use vacuum bags and boxes:

Some winter jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts can easily be folded and sited inside a box whereas some can obtain creases and wrinkles. You must hang up such fabrics precisely on a wooden hanger and cover with a vacuum sealed bagging ensuring a worry free stay. Never forget to put the folded winter wears inside the vacuum bags to box them. Like this, you can store three four winter wears together.

Understanding and performing above stated tips will help you keep your winter wears fresh till the next season comes.  For more details contact


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